About Me

I discovered my love for cake decorating by coincidence and instantly became addicted with the delicious craft. Several summers ago, I entered a cupcake baking competition at the advertising agency that I work at, which benefited a hunger charity, and won. I went with a delicious coconut and vanilla recipe that despite some really nice looking cupcakes, won the hearts of the judge panel with its taste and design.
The story was even picked up by AdAge.com the following day. After this moment, I became really motivated and felt confident to keep going. That is when my curiosity for everything involving baking and cake decorating was awakened. I decided that I was going to learn cake decorating with sugar decorations and fondant for cakes to bake for my friends and family.
After I started practicing I was absolutely in love with how beautiful the art of cake decorating is, and how much fun I was having. I will continue with my new passion of cake decorating and hope you enjoy my cake gallery - which is growing quickly! Contact me if you want to delight your guests with a creative, beautiful and always delicious cake.